Turbine insulation

KAEFER is one of the leading global providers of insulation solutions for steam and gas turbines. As well as sprayed and conventional insulation, we are leaders in the production and installation of mattress insulation systems.

We manufacture flexible mattresses from various glass cloths in our own workshops. These are filled with insulating materials such as mineral wool or silicate fibre. A sub-construction, made mainly of stainless steel, ensures that the mattresses stay firmly in place.

The advantage of mattresses is that they are reusable and particularly fast to remove and replace. Cloth impregnated with silicon is used on the outside to protect the insulation from any external influences such as water splashes or oil.

All mattresses are planned at our German competence centre and cut precisely to fit the contours of the turbine. The construction of every single mattress is designed for optimal handling, minimising the number of units to ensure faster removal and replacement and reducing heat flow.

An asbestos-free, sprayed insulation of mineral wool can also be used on steam turbines as an alternative to mattress insulation. KAEFER has developed two systems which apply insulation to the turbine housing. The insulation can then be covered with a hard casing of special cement, which protects it from outside influences.

Due to modern technical standards, conventional insulation made of mineral wool with a sheet metal casing is only rarely used on turbines nowadays.