Heat and cold insulation

High-quality thermal insulation often forms the basis for complex technical processes and applications in industry. It limits heat and cold loss and minimises temperature reduction when goods are being transported. This saves both natural resources and costs.

In order to solve these tasks, KAEFER often supplements heat and cold insulation techniques with proprietary developments and patented products and systems. Our ongoing research and development work in these areas puts us one step ahead of the competition. Technical skills, specialised knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental physical attributes are essential.

Areas of application for heat insulation are refineries, the chemical industry, food processing, the wood and paper industries, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), natural gas storage tanks, biomass plants and environmental technology. Cold insulation comes into play in LNG and ethylene plants, cryogenic storage, CO2 plants, gas liquefaction plants, piping, vessels and tanks.