TIPS® - Tank Insulation Panel System

TIPS® is a pre-fabricated insulation system for hot tanks and vessels, designed and manufactured to your specification.

The complete TIPS® system comprising shell and dome/cone panels will be delivered to your site ready for installation. The panels are secured to fixing rails on the tank/vessel to form a fully weatherproof external cladding and provide and air gap between the vessel and insulation system.

Some of the advantages of TIPS® over conventional insulation systems:
  • Avoidance of airborne man-made mineral fibres. All exposed insulation surfaces on TIPS® are treated for fibre encapsulation.
  • Reduction of on-site installation man-hours
  • Easy removal and replacement of insulation for maintenance work
  • TIPS® is manufactured off-site, under high quality standards
  • TIPS® can be frequently installed without scaffolding
  • Reduction of on-site installation duration