Refractory materials are subject to very stringent specifications, as any problem with the refractory lining can often bring the entire plant to a standstill. This creates very high demands for technical expertise and innovative, problem-solving skills.

KAEFER has been a specialist in both of these fields for more than ten years. We acquired our first refractory contract in 1997 in the Emirate of Dubai. KAEFER fitted several steam turbines and a boiler with ceramic and metallic materials, which help to keep the desert state supplied with power and water.

Today, KAEFER is one of the leading refractory companies in the oil and gas industries, at power plants, aluminium smelters and cement works. KAEFER Thailand, for example, has set up a centre of excellence for refractory work and executed projects in South East Asia. Many orders have since been completed in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. The prospects are good too, and business is expected to continue growing in the years ahead.