Refineries are one of KAEFER’s largest fields of operation. Whether the requirement is for scaffolding, insulation, fire protection, industrial cladding or asbestos disposal, carried out without interrupting operations or during a shutdown, KAEFER finds the right solution for every challenge.

That’s why we are entrusted with the most diverse assignments on major construction sites around the world, including:

  • Insulating pipework and plants (Neste oil refinery, Finland)
  • Insulating columns, reactors, tanks and heat exchangers (OMV AG)
  • Dismantling, replacing and fitting insulation (Shell refinery, Hamburg, Germany)
  • Insulation, fire protection and electrical trace heating (Preemraff refinery, Sweden)

SAPREF, the largest oil refinery in Southern Africa, demonstrates how reliable our work is. KAEFER South Africa has been retained by the joint venture between Shell and BP since 1999, carrying out 8 million working hours under maintenance contracts without an accident: an achievement which remains unparalleled to this day.
The scope of work includes surface protection, insulation, scaffolding and painting.