Technology & Innovation - KAEFER Pre-Insulation Process

Better Saving and Quality

  • Provides a cost effective solution
  • Reduces working time onsite
  • Predictable productivity
  • Controlled conditions

Key Features

  • High Performance Cryogenic Insulation
  • Robust Chemical Resistant non Corrosive Finish
  • Low Maintenance
  • Resistant to Mechanical Damage
  • Accommodates Stresses and Strains
  • Associated with Thermal Cycling
  • High Quality Insulation and Finish Applied in Shop Controlled Conditions
  • Cost and Time Saving – installation hours on site reduced dramatically

The KAEFER Competency Centre Pre-Insulation (CCP) system has its main application on LNG plants and receiving terminals, such as the jetty load out and vapours return lines. The system is designed for the insulating of piping that operates at cold or cryogenic temperatures.

KAEFER CCP provides a pre-insulation process that offers compelling benefits over conventional hand applied and other insulation methods.

KAEFER CCP has invested heavily in research and development to refine a mechanised process that results in a high-quality overall solution that can be completed anywhere, on-time and at a competitive costs.

The pre-insulation process is based around modular-plant and facilities that can be mobilised around the globe to efficiently insulate the pipes at a more convenient location before they are installed on-site.

The insulation that is applied within the plant is comprised of several layers of Polyurethane foam covered by a tough outer composite shell.

Along with fulfilling the primary insulating functions, the pre-insulated pipe is also mechanically very robust and able to cope with the rigors of construction followed by a long future of low-maintenance operation.

This system has proven itself over the years in numerous installations.


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