Nuclear facilities

KAEFER’s high-performance, modular insulation systems fulfil the exceptionally high specifications of the nuclear industry and set international standards for safety, quality and functionality.

  • Full metal jacket insulation: segments made of stainless steel panels filled with thin, highly reflective stainless steel foil
  • Cassette insulation: segments made of stainless steel panels filled with mineral fibre or ceramic insulating material
  • Mattress insulation: fibre glass segments filled with mineral fibre or ceramic insulation material and covered with stainless steel panels

Modular insulation systems offer numerous advantages. The modules are re-usable and simple and fast to remove and replace. They are individually made and adjusted to fit the shapes of the separate components and pipes. End-to-end construction, using the latest computer technology and precise finishing down to the smallest detail, guarantee reliable deployment over the entire life cycle of the plant. Extensive analyses are available on their thermal properties and mechanical resistance according to European and American regulations.

Our insulation systems are primarily used on components and pipework inside the reactor building, e.g. on the pressurised reactor vessel itself, on steam generators and primary cooling pumps. KAEFER carried out the insulation on the cover and the primary circuit for the new EPR reactor type in Finland. This order is the largest insulation module ever planned, developed and built by KAEFER for installation in a nuclear power plant.