Noise protection

Regulations concerning protection from noise pollution are getting stricter all the time and require ever more efficient solutions. For KAEFER, noise protection means planning individual solutions for specific noise problems and implementing them effectively. We can draw on many years of experience and the corresponding expertise to do so.

In KAEFER’s own laboratory for sound research we develop high-performance components which protect both people at work and in the world outside from exposure to noise. In many industries KAEFER is a well-known specialist when it comes to effective and efficient noise reduction.

  • Technical noise protection for plant and machinery
  • Construction of sound absorbers and baffles
  • Ventilation silencers
  • Low-dust, fibre-free silencers (resonators)
  • Soundproof office booths
  • Capsules for turbines
  • Transformer hoods
  • Noise-reducing facades
  • Sound measurement and calculation
  • Advice, dimensioning and construction
  • Technical opinions