Manual handling

Manual handling is defined as any situation that involves lifting, carrying, lowering, transporting or supporting a load by hand or bodily force. At KAEFER we are continually performing tasks that may involve manual handling – be it in on a building site or in an office – but we do not always think about the risks involved.

Manual handling is one of the main causes of work place injuries and should therefore be avoided, automated or mechanized whenever possible.
If a lift cannot be avoided, take necessary precautions like planning the lift and warming up your muscles. Lift slowly and rhythmically and bend your knees…not your back! Get a safe and secure grip, keep the load close to your body and avoid twisting whilst lifting or carrying.

If the work involves a significant risk of injury, do not forget to carry out a risk assessment and consider the load, the environment, the person doing the lifting and any other potential hazards.

Max and his friends will support you in spreading the message of safe manual handling but we need you and everyone at KAEFER to work in a safe and healthy manner at all times.