LNG – liquefied natural gas

LNG stands for liquefied natural gas, which has only 1.7% of the volume of gas and is therefore highly suitable for transporting and storing. LNG stays liquid only below -163 °C, which means good insulation for the pipes and processing facilities as well as for the transportation and storage tanks is a must. Insulating these is one of KAEFER's core businesses.

KAEFER has been in the LNG industry since 1971. At that time, we insulated enormous spherical tanks on board liquid gas tankers. The business developed steadily in the years thereafter. The first natural gas liquefaction plants in Indonesia received ultra-cold (cryogenic) insulation from KAEFER. At that time, all technology, material and staff were sent out from Bremen. Today, the Corporate Competence Centre Liquid Gases provides local advice and assistance to KAEFER organisations worldwide.