Insta-Lag® is a pre-fabricated product for hot pipe insulation that has been designed to meet most specifications.

The components come in a full range of prefabricated components; straights, bends, valves, and flange boxes in accordance with your isometrics and specifications will be delivered to your site.

The Insta-Lag® system covers a wide range of sizes and range of temperatures (up to 650C). The system comes complete with insulation and cladding.

The use of this system for construction sites and maintenance work is advantageous, demonstrated by some of the following benefits:

  • Avoidance of airborne man-made mineral fibres. All exposed insulation surfaces on Insta-lag® pipe sections are treated for fibre encapsulation.
  • Reduction of on-site installation man-hours
  • Manufacture of Insta-lag® is undertaken off-site under high quality standards.
  • Gain in the total quality of the installation.
  • Reduction of on-site installation duration.


Insta-Lag® and TIPS®