Health and safety

Health and safety plays a crucial role within KAEFER’s management framework: it is part of our 3 core principles and it rests in line with our long-term strategic goals. We strive to achieve excellence in health and safety every day through leadership commitment and thorough communication systems. All our work is carried out in compliance with applicable legislative and industry specific requirements to health and safety issues and we are ensuring that health and safety risks arising from work activities are identified and adequately controlled at all times. While our key performance indicators exceeded our 20% target reduction, our aim is to achieve zero accidents and we are still striving to improve standards always.

Our health and safety professionalism rests on four pillars:

and all our efforts have been oriented towards constantly upgrading and consolidating our position within these dimensions.



Following our KAEFER Health and Safety Year, we continually try to raise awareness and build up a sustainable health and safety culture within the entire KAEFER Group. Throughout the year, we led several themed campaigns to educate our workforce about injury prevention and risk assessment and these campaigns will be run further both on past and new areas of focus. We hold health and safety trainings and encourage the development of a safety-conscious behavior at all levels, from top management to site workers. In addition, our Annual Safety Awards help employees understand that we not only value, but also reward safety performance. Nevertheless, health and safety issues go beyond the workmen – they affect their families and the loved ones too, and we have successfully used their help to raise awareness through projects like our international KAEFER Health and Safety Children’s Drawing Competition. Developing a sustainable health and safety culture is not easy – it requires commitment and personal involvement from everyone.



Standards are important - they set performance levels and help deliver quality. We have developed different projects with the end purpose of establishing consistent and high-quality standards across KAEFER world-wide. By adopting the same standards across all our entities, we ensure efficient management systems and procedures that help us monitor our health and safety targets, as well as our overall business performance.



Setting health and safety targets is impractical unless supported by well-designed monitoring and reporting systems. At KAEFER we ensure that the information from work experiences is adequately communicated and addressed within the objectives. We invest in incident investigation training to make sure that incidents and their root causes are adequately communicated at all levels and streamline future safety strategies accordingly.



It is our mission to support our clients’ success by delivering the most professional complete insulation solutions worldwide. We respect and value the work we are carrying out for them and on an ethical level, this implies providing the best services with least environmental and health and safety impact. Hence improving our health and safety performance is a crucial factor in ensuring trustful long-term relationships with our clients.