HVAC insulation

Accumulated dirt in air-conditioning and ventilation ducts makes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mould. It also constitutes a fire hazard and diminishes the efficiency of equipment in offices, hospitals, shopping and conference centres or in factory buildings. Regular servicing and thorough cleaning of these areas is an absolute necessity.

As part of its ventilation and air-conditioning programme, KAEFER has developed a cleaning system which does not require the air ducts to be dismantled, even at high levels of soiling. A mobile, remote-controlled video camera registers the amount of dirt present in preparation for the subsequent cleaning cycle. Special procedures are used, such as pure air pressure, rotating brushes or a bicarbonate jet.

In the Allianz Arena in Munich for example, KAEFER insulated ventilation pipes, fitted air ducts with fire protection and installed L90 inspection hatches for kitchen extractor ducts.