Exterior ceiling systems

KAEFER is designed to cater to the many demands of exclusive yacht building. With the exterior ceiling system KYC, we have developed a lightweight, corrosion-resistant solution which offers lasting benefits in terms of handling and a creative bonus in terms of design.

Installing the composite plastic or aluminium honeycomb panels could not be easier. With the help of our patented clamping system, they can be mounted and dismounted rapidly and as often as necessary by clicking together, with no need for special tools. What’s more, the fastening profiles can also be integrated into the overall appearance as design elements in the ceiling pattern. This gives owners and designers complete freedom to make the exterior ceilings an attractive part of the ship’s design.

With the KYC exterior ceiling solution, KAEFER has set new technological standards on board luxury yachts and satisfies the most sophisticated demands in terms of aesthetics, comfort and technical equipment. Why not ask about the individual options that we can provide?