Cement works

Our insulation solutions for cement works can be found all over the world: in the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, India or the Middle East. Our planning and construction engineers develop individual solutions using the latest technologies, which encompass detailed fitting methods and drawings, anchor dimensioning, volume forecasts and specifications.

Many leading manufacturers depend on our comprehensive product range, which satisfies the most stringent quality controls and is calibrated against inspection and testing plans. With the help of quality assurance programmes and site monitoring, thermal curing of the fitted cladding and support in commencing operations and maintenance, we ensure that customers benefit from the entire range of KAEFER’s capabilities.

KAEFER made its entrance in the United Arab Emirates in 1998 with insulation work on the Ras al-Khaimah cement works. Our largest project in the desert state so far was the Sharjah works in 2001, where we installed some 3,000 tonnes of different refractory materials. In Vietnam, KAEFER secured two major contracts for refractory works in the last two years.