2011: KAEFER Aerospace GmbH was sold to the Hutchinson Group with effect of January 1st.

With the experience of having built Neumayer III, KAEFER Construction was awarded the contract for the for planning, designing and building of the new Indian Antarctic station “Bharati” including HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning and Refrigeration) and installation on site.

KAEFER International Marine and Offshore Ltd. based in Teesside, UK with a branch office in Aberdeen, Scotland was established to develop and strengthen KAEFER’s offshore activities worldwide.

Reorganisation of the GEC and appointment of a 3rd Director to the Board of Directors of KAEFER Isoliertechnik GmbH & Co.KG: Steen E. Hansen joined the Group Executive Committee as Chief Financial Officer. Jörn M. Fetköter, Member of the Board of Directors, left KAEFER as of 31.12.2011. Karsten Gudmundset was nominated as a member of the Group Executive Committee.

KAEFER WANNER Shipbuilding was awarded contracts for insulation works on pipes and ducts of the HVAC system, installation of passenger cabins and associated corridors as well as structural insulation contracts in cabins areas on two Fantasia class cruise ships.

In Bremen, KAEFER started endowing a new professorship focusing on renewable energy at the Jacobs University. The first professor to hold the KAEFER Chair for Renewable Energy and Environmental Politics is Karen Smith Stegen, an expert in geopolitics and renewable energy.

KAEFER Aislamientos S.A. became the majority shareholder in the Spanish scaffolding company KAEFER PROYESUR. KAEFER Aislamientos S.A. is going to develop its scaffolding business and further expand additional activities in Southern Spain.

KAEFER Isoliertechnik Austria won a contract in a consortium with two other companies for interior finishing works including walls and ceilings at the new Vienna Main Station.

The KAEFER Code of Business Conduct was introduced and serves as an underlying code for KAEFER employees to do business worldwide.

KAEFER Kuwait received its first important order on a new oil and gas booster station in northern Kuwait .The extensive insulation works on equipment and piping bear the mark of KAEFER.

By acquiring a majority shareholding in Kostec, KAEFER entered the Peruvian market. The company was renamed as KAEFER KOSTEC and is mainly active in the fields of industrial insulation services but also industrial scaffolding, acoustic insulation and interior outfitting.

2012: KAEFER conducted the worldwide Health & Safety Year 2012 focusing on the topics of risk assessment, training, health, working at height and manual handling. First results already identify a 26% reduction in lost time incidents and a 20% reduction in total recordable cases across KAEFER.

KAEFER completed its first worldwide employee survey with a response rate of 70%. An action plan addressing relevant topics has been developed afterwards and is been currently implemented.

KAEFER merged its Shipbuilding and Offshore Division to one new division, called Marine & Offshore.

UK-based C&D became a 100% KAEFER and changed the company’s name to KAEFER C&D.

KAEFER steers its support of Desertec, one of the most ambitious projects in ensuring future energy supplies in Europe, in a new direction. KAEFER will focus all of its resources upon accelerating the development of the essential technologies and therefore end its Associate Partnership with Dii.

KAEFER published its first Sustainability Report. It includes data from 12 countries for the year 2011 and covers all sustainable dimensions: economic, social, environmental and cultural. The report is designed to fill the abstract term of “Sustainability” with life by showing how the topic affects KAEFER as a company, locally and globally.

KAEFER WANNER, France took on one of its biggest ever shutdown projects in a major six-month job for client TOTAL Petrochemical involving 250 KAEFER people and 400,000 man hours. During the steam cracker shutdown in Le Havre, KAEFER WANNER carried out extensive cold and hot insulation work, and provided scaffolding.

KAEFER Servicios Industriales, Spain finished its two-year project as part of Repsol’s Cartagena refinery expansion. Managing two ten-hour shifts and 360 people, working a combined 846,000 man hours, KAEFER provided insulation, fire protection, scaffolding and painting in all areas of Europe’s largest refinery.

The new series of Viking Longships, each a 135-metre ship in the new Viking Longship design, were and will be outfitted by KAEFER Schiffsausbau, Germany. The scope of work covers the outfitting of lounges, stairs, foyers, restaurants and public restrooms in 2012 and 2013.

KAEFER ENERGY, Norway was awarded a 3-year multi-discipline contract to upgrade the Troll A natural gas platform in Norway. The scope of work includes engineering and planning, equipment supply, pipe insulation, interior outfitting and HVAC.

Bharati Research Station in Antarctica was handed over on time by KAEFER Construction, Germany, after only 5 months assembly during Antarctic summer. The 12-months project for the Indian National Centre of Antarctic and Ocean Research was the company’s 2nd polar station. KAEFER was responsible for statics, execution planning, construction, façade, the entire dismantling of the station incl. furnishing of living and working containers, logistics, transport and final assembly of the pre-fabricated modules.