1918: The insulation business Carl Kaefer & Co., Bremen, Am Alten Wall 23 is established to supply insulation material to the shipbuilding industry.

1919: After a successful start insulating ships, KAEFER begins acquiring public and private contracts on land too.

1928: KAEFER’s first international trials: the company takes on insulation work on the cruise ships Bremen and Europa.

1929: Branch offices are set up in Hamburg and Bremerhaven.

1941: With the signing of the contract of association in June, the company becomes a limited commercial partnership with Heinz-Peter Koch as the owner.

1945: KAEFER moves into the food industry, insulating numerous cold stores.

1948: In addition to its headquarters in Bremen and branches in Hamburg and Bremerhaven, KAEFER now also has premises in Oldenburg.

1950: More branches are opened in North and West Germany and the range of services is extended to include industrial insulation for power stations and oil refineries, cold stores and metal casing for insulation.

1951: KAEFER equips the first steam-powered fishing trawlers with cold stores. The first industrial contract is signed in Bremen. For the first time, KAEFER uses metal casings prefabricated in its own workshops for the Mobil Oil refinery.

1956: The first overseas subsidiary is Suomi Oy in Finland.

1960: The range of capabilities grows: heat insulation in power stations, refineries and petrochemical plants, noise protection in factories and insulation for cold stores.

KAEFER develops an insulation system for use at ultra-low temperatures, thereby taking on a leading role in the insulation of liquid gas tanks on board gas tankers.